Ambush Slayer Fish House Review: 2 Ways to Prepare for Ice Fishing

If you love to go ice fishing once the lakes freeze over, then it’s time to upgrade your ice house to one of these incredible options available at Wold’s RV Sales. You’ll love that these amazing fish houses offer all the features you need to stay comfortable while out on the ice. Learn more in this Ambush Slayer fish house review.

Ambush Main
Find more options for ice fishing at Wold’s RV Sales.

2023 Ambush Slayer Center

You and your friends or family will love having this cozy place to enjoy ice fishing this winter! The Ambush Slayer Center ice house is the ideal solution. You’ll love that this unit comes equipped with a set of dual opposing benches with storage underneath. The center holes for ice fishing make it easy to set up and wait while enjoying spending time with your crew.

Additional Features:

  • Center Hole 
  • End Benches 
  • PVC Mounting 
  • Black Trim
  • Fish Camo Decal 
  • Martin 11K BTU Heater 
  • Solar Panel 
Ambush Interior
The four ice fishing holes are great for taking friends or family out on the ice.

2023 Ambush Slayer Spear

This Ambush Slayer Spear ice house features eight ice fishing holes and a spear hole for big catches. There’s also a solar panel so that you have power all day long. Additionally, the sleds on the bottom of this ice house make it easy to set up and get to fishing.

Additional Features:

  • Spear Hole 
  • PVC Mounting 
  • Solar Panel 
Ambush Solar

Contact us today to order one of these incredible RVs and take it home for your ice fishing adventure this winter! It’s never too early to start preparing!

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