RV Tips: 4 Fall Camping Tips

With autumn just around the corner, you’re probably gearing up for another trip to the campground. If you’re planning a fall break camping trip, these RV tips will help you make the most of your time away. Don’t miss these camping tips for fall below.

fall lake

Pack for Colder Weather

No matter where you plan your fall vacation, pack for colder weather. The last thing you want to do is plan for warm weather and wake up to a frost with nothing warm enough to wear. We Recommend parking in layers so you can bundle up during the color part of the day and remove layers as the temperature heats up.

hiking trip

Get Moving in the Mornings

One of the best ways to get your blood pumping and fight off the morning chill is to plan morning hikes or bike rides with your family. This helps to start your day on the right foot and make the morning more enjoyable for everyone.

morning bike

Bring Warm Drinks to Enjoy Around the Fire

You never know what the weather will do during the fall, so packing plenty of warm drinks to enjoy around the fire is an excellent way to keep your family comfortable. We like to bring hot chocolate, instant coffee, instant apple cider, tea, and any other warm drinks you can think of so that there’s something for everyone.

hot coffee

Plan for Rain

Lastly, you’re going to want to plan for rain. because of the changing temperatures in the fall, it’s very likely that at some point during your stay experience some rain. So plan ahead by bringing tarps, jackets, raincoats, umbrellas, and rain boots. Additionally, you can plan some fun activities inside your RV.

girl in rain

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